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Communication is people making a connection. It’s something we do every day. It’s knowing information was sent and received.

Do you know what to do when someone doesn’t understand your message? We can’t not communicate.

Would you like to increase the effectiveness of your communication as you learn how to develop positive relationships with others?

Previously Offered Classes:

Professional Skills (15 Hours of Interpersonal Skills Training)

Presenting A Positive Impression

Working With Intention

It’s All About Effective Communication

Making Teamwork Relevant

Communication Tools for Problem Solving

Soft Skills in the Workplace

Develop Your Leadership Skills (16 Hours of Leadership Training)

Your Personal Brand: What are you known for as a leader?

Communicating Effectively: How do you communicate to get your message across?

Setting the Example: Setting a confident example through your skills and abilities.

High Performance Teams: Setting goals and expectations for accountability

The Professional Edge

Communicating Through Conflict

Successfully Leading Change

Polishing Your Presentation Skills

Give Your Customers What They Want

Networking: It’s Part Of The Job

Email Etiquette Matters!

Etiquette In The Workplace

The Art Of The Business Meal

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