The 7 Steps to Dealing With Difficult People

Working With Even the Most Challenging Customers

Have you ever had a conversation with a customer or among your employees that went sour… and just kept getting worse?

Have you ever worried about how your customer service challenges affect your company’s reputation?

Do you wish you had the skills to respond to difficult situations and resolve them…to everyone’s satisfaction?

The first contact someone has with your company sets the tone for the interaction, and often the foundation for your future relationship — IF there is going to be one. Provide your customers with more than service -- learn how to give them an outstanding customer experience.

From this workshop, you and your team will take away:

  • Key words and phrases to turn around some of the most challenging conversations

  • How your body language can further sabotage challenging conversations (and what to do instead)

  • A simple technique that can help you get even the most difficult person back on your side

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