Email Etiquette Mastery

Learn How to Avoid Irreversible Mistakes with your Customers, Improve your Productivity, and Maximize your Impact through Email

Have you ever been confused, frustrated or irritated by an email conversation?

Do you wish you knew how to get people to respond to your emails faster, instead of wondering why you never hear back?

Have you ever sent an email that you wished you hadn’t?

Email continues to increase as a main vehicle for communications and has become the most common business document in the world. It may also be the first, and perhaps only way to make an impression. The question is, are you sending the right message?

From this workshop, you and your team will learn:

  • 5 KEYS to being understood in email (with less time and effort)

  • How to write an email that will inspire the response you want

  • When to use the BCC function, Reply All, and when to pick up the telephone…and why it matters

This training can also be used to create a standardized format for your company emails, designed to reflect your high level of professionalism.

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