” I am hoping to have the pleasure of partnering with Jodi for years to come …

Jodi is a dynamic and engaging presenter who does a wonderful job of incorporating real-world examples and stories into her presentations. While some people might think a presentation or talk on etiquette would be boring or common sense, our students consistently share that they really enjoy the program and all the advice and guidance Jodi shares.”

Nolan Yaws-Gonzalez
Lead Career Counselor at WSU Vancouver

"Jodi is an extremely talented and skilled professional. She is efficient, knowledgeable and has high expectations of herself and those she works with. As a result, she produces incredible results. She is empathetic, supportive, honest, ethical, direct, involved and leads by example; a true leader of people. She adapts naturally to a whole spectrum of public and is not afraid by a challenge. I recommend Jodi to anyone who is looking for the best talent around and one who produces superior results.”

Mireille Nelson
Operations Manager at Translational Software

"My mother used to always tell me about the ripple effect and how a tiny pebble can send a wave across an entire lake. It’s the little things we do everyday that have a major effect on our and others lives. Jodi Blackwood you throw a lot of pebbles and affect a lot of people in a positive way. Thank you for that!"

Kevin Getch
President, Webfor

"I highly recommend Jodi Blackwood because she is very knowledgeable and always has a great answer for sticky business situations. On top of that, she is patient and able to look at challenging things in a positive light."

Dotty Scott
Premium Websites

“We are all in the business of customer service, whether we realize it or not. Working with Jodi is a great way to learn how to communicate better and really connect with those we serve."

Brenda Becker
Becker Accounting Solutions

"We found Jodi’s business etiquette training to be fun and relaxing yet insightful and helpful. Jodi does a great job of providing real examples with which we can all relate.Jodi is a great trainer/facilitator and we look forward to other training opportunities that she offers. The 8 hours went by so fast and we walked away with some great tips to use in our personal and professional relationships. Thank you, Jodi. "

Kim Thur
Board Clerk | Administrative Services Manager at Clark Regional Wastewater District

"Jodi’s straight to the heart of the matter, tactical and wise approach along with her sage advice will change forever how you approach people in business and thus how you are viewed by people in business."

Jo Lynn Barnicoat
Director of Business Development, Webfor

"The experience working with Jodi Blackwood exceeded every expectation I had or hoped for.

Jodi has an innate ability to bring silent issues to the surface and help us work with them out in the open. Her professionalism is paired with amazing and appropriate humor that gets others to explore communication beyond their comfort zone, which allows growth and great results."

Carly Monkmon
Writer & Consumer Educator

"Jodi Blackwood is the epitome of common courtesy which makes her stand out in a busy world. Her willingness to share her etiquette resources with her business colleagues has been invaluable and her weekly newsletter were welcomed. I frequently shared it with colleagues/network and hoped it inspired them as much as she has inspired me."

Joe Eustaquio
VP & Relationship Manager, The Community Lending Group, M Bank